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Choosing Your Home Inspector 

Choosing the right home inspector is not easy and should not be left up to your Realtor alone. After all, purchasing a home is expensive. Don’t you think you should put some thought into the most important inspection of this purchase? Even if your Realtor refers you to a home inspector or a list of home inspectors, you should be asking why that home inspector? And how detailed of a home inspection report should I expect. Do your own homework. Different inspectors have significantly different qualifications, experiences, report writing methods, and definitely different pricing.

One thing is for sure, a quality home inspection is not cheap and requires several hours of hard work both during the inspection and when the report is being written. Do not make the mistake of hiring an inspector based on price, this is one of the biggest mistakes that consumers as well as Realtors make.

Watch this BEFORE you hire

just another home inspector!

Precision Nspec Home Inspector Cares


"Not Just Another Promise"

Some important qualities you may not be thinking of when your looking for a quality home inspector are: one who takes time, is diligent, detail-oriented, experienced, dedicated and cares about the client first, I mean genuinely cares about the client. Ultimately a thorough inspection relies on the inspector’s knowledge, effort and integrity. If you select me to inspect your home, I guarantee that I will treat you like one of the family and not just another inspection, I will give you the best home inspection available and I will always give you more than you expect. This is my promise to you.

“I  won't be just another home inspector, inspecting a house, I  want to be your home consultant for life”


Paul Alexander / CMI

Senior Inspector

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