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Precision Nspec’s Did you know?

Did you know? That there is no licensing for Home Inspectors in the state of California?

Did you know? That anyone can become a so called Certified Home Inspector in two weeks or less?

Did you know? That price shopping is the worst way to choose a Home Inspection company? You get what you pay for; and why would you price shop for the most important processes of the entire transaction. Do you want to save a couple of hundred dollars now, only to pay thousands latter. Believe me the price should be the least of your concerns when it comes to choosing a home inspector.

Did you know? That the majority of Realtors shop for your home inspector by price.

Did you know? That a Home Inspection is a home inspection, is false information? There are significant differences in home inspection experience, practices and report writing. Do your homework do not assume all inspectors are the same just because they are certified. Certification is a bare minimum.

Did you know? That Home Inspection companies rely on Realtor referrals to stay in business? Do you know you know which side your Home Inspector is on? Are they genuinely helping you? or are they trying not to upset the agent for fear of losing future business?

Did you know? That just because a person has a general contracting license or has worked as a municipal (city)building code inspector, does not necessarily qualify them, as a quality Home Inspector? Particularly if they perform home inspections part time. There is no substitute for full time home inspection experience. Besides are you looking to have a home built?

or do you want a Home Inspection? These trades are specifically different and Home Inspection is a trade within itself, not an offshoot. Do you want your family physician to perform your heart surgery, just because he knows about medicine?

Did you know? That the majority of Home Inspectors are certified, but a minority hold the higher ranking of Certified Master Inspector or Master Certified Inspector?

Did you know? That some Realtors avoid using a truly thorough Home Inspection company?, as these companies are viewed as a threat to the close of a Real Estate deal. (They are termed deal killers).

Did you know? that some Home Inspectors pay to be on a Real Estate office, so called preferred list?

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