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Precision Nspec Home Inspector Fees In Perspective

That’s a lot of money for only a few hours’ work!

Pablo Picasso, the painter, was dining at a restaurant in New York City.  A fan introduced herself to him and gushed at how thrilled she was to meet the great artist, and how she loved his work.  Encouraged by his polite acceptance, the fan begged, “Oh, Mr. Picasso, would you draw me a sketch?”

Picasso grabbed some paper and, with a pen, promptly sketched the waiters passing parfaits.  As the woman reached for the sketch, Picasso said, “Madame, that will be $10,000.”

Shocked, she replied, “But that only took you five minutes!”

“No, Madame,” replied Picasso. “It took me 50 years.”

Precision Nspec Home Inspectors“Have a blessed day”

Paul Alexander, Jr.

Precision Nspec Home Inspectors