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Home Inspector Has A Bad Reputation

By Paul Alexander

Home Buyers Beware of Home Inspector With Bad Reputation

Choose Any Home Inspector You Like

A Realtor was informing her first time home buyers that the next step in purchasing their new home was to order a home inspection. The Realtor informed them that they could choose any home inspector they like, and then proceeded to hand them a short list of home inspection companies that her office uses, encase they wanted to use an inspection company the Realtor was familiar with.

That Home Inspector Has A Bad Reputation

The home buyers informed the Realtor that they had already found a home inspector whom they wanted to use.  When the Realtor inquired about which inspector that was, she reacted with a slight cringe followed by an Oh! The home buyers were  taken back with the Realtors reaction. When they asked the Realtor what was wrong, the Realtor replied, well? that inspector has a bad reputation. What do you mean?, the buyers inquired. A bad reputation!. The Realtor began to tell them that particular  inspector likes to report on conditions  like inadequate  egress,  lack of draft stops, missing chimney flue tile mortar, lack of tempered glass and just a lot of stuff that other  inspectors that we use do not comment on.  These conditions exist in older homes because that was how the homes were originally constructed. A seller is not going to make those window openings lower or install safety glass and draft stops. That’s  ridiculous! Hello! The homes were built that way. He also takes too long to perform an inspection, up to twice as long as other inspectors, his reports are so extensive and lengthy that it takes longer to get the reports, not to mention his higher inspection fees. He is just too thorough.

A Bad Reputation Is Just What We Were Looking For

Unbeknownst to the Realtor, the buyers had already used this home inspector in the past, and simply replied, that is exactly why we want to use this inspector, we want to know as much about what we are buying as we can.

First Time Home Buying 101

First time home buyers should not hesitate to inquire with a Real Estate agent when it comes to seeking First Time Home Buying Assistance and/or reviewing a First Time Home Buyers Guide, but when choosing a home inspector home buyer should do their own homework,  so that they can be sure what kind of reputation their inspector has, because a home inspector that has a “Bad” reputation may be exactly what they are looking for.