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Our Reputation



Precision Nspec is proud to be known as one of the most thorough, honest home inspection companies in the Bay Area.

In many Real Estate circles we are referred to as “The Deal Killers,” , which lets you know, that we provide information to our client's, regardless of how our findings may impact the deal.


 Home inspection companies rely on Realtors to refer business. This is how home inspection companies survive. This makes it difficult for the inspection company to clearly identify the client.

Is the client the person paying for one inspection? Or is the client a Realtor who may refer many inspections, ensuring business survival?


No Doubts

Our answer is clear: The client is you!!, the person who pays our fee and relies on us to provide a thoroughly honest and fair assessment of the home. We owe an honest and fair assessment of the home to all persons with an interest in the home; but when we must make a judgment about whether to report a potential defect and about how to report it (and we must make many such judgments during every inspection), we will always make the judgment in our client's best interest.


The Real Deal

We didn't buy our reputation through franchising. Our family operated company earned it through years of thorough, professional, honest inspections. Experience (thousands of inspections performed), Care (treat you like one of the family) , Independent (zero conflict of interest, we always tell it like it is), and our reputation for being Thorough (4,5 hr avg, inpsection time, you won't have to worry about receiving a poor inspection), has put us above our competition. So when you are considering a home inspection, Precision Nspec is the right choice. After all it’s GURANTEED!