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Precision Nspec Home Inspectors Take Unprecedented Actions In Defense Of The Consumer

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Benicia, CA, 12/31/2004 Precision Nspec Home Inspectors of Benicia announced today that they will no longer be actively soliciting to Realtors and will strictly depend on client referrals. This is an unheard of practice in California, as home inspection companies heavily rely on Realtor referrals to sustain there survival in the home inspection industry.

We are both exited and nervous about removing ourselves out from under the scrutiny of Realtors, as this unprecedented move, would mean the end for most home inspection companies. “We have decided to let the consumer choose our fate” said company president Paul Alexander Jr., “We have faith that the consumer does care about the quality of there home inspection, they just haven’t been educated on how to recognize a quality home inspection company.

“If the Realtor views a home inspection company as a threat to the close of the deal, that company will not be recommended to there prospective clients”
Paul Alexander President of Precision Nspec

They assume that there Real Estate professional will suggest the best qualified inspection company. “Over the years we have gained a reputation for being extremely thorough for a home inspection company. This has been both fulfilling and frustrating. On one hand our clients have always been extremely grateful for the time and energy we put into delivering a quality home inspection, but on the other hand an exceptionally thorough and honest home inspection company is viewed as a threat to the close of a real estate transaction. Thus Precision Nspec in most Realtor circles has been dubbed, “The Deal Killers” “We view the deal killer commentary as a complement” said company office manager Donna Alexander, as we have always worked in our client’s best interest, not the Realtor’s. Experience and inspection diligence has allowed us to accumulate a significant amount of knowledge and information regarding the factors that affect a home’s condition. This experience and work ethic allows us to note more conditions. As any experienced home inspector will tell you, “the more you learn, the more you look, the more you’ll find.”  Most Realtors get tired of a home inspection company that continually brings issues to the forefront that most other inspection companies do not. These additional issues may cause the buyer to renegotiate or find another home, which may cause the Realtor to lose their deal. Because the Realtor is the one whom buyers will usually rely upon to suggest a home inspection company or a list of home inspection companies, Realtors have the ability to control the home inspection selection process. It took me years to realize it said Paul, but clearly there is a conflict of interest in regards to Realtors being involved with the home inspection selection process. “If the Realtor views a home inspection company as a threat to the close of the deal, that company will not be recommended to there prospective clients.” Therefore home inspection companies have to be careful about how the Realtor views them, as their business depends on it!

Precision Nspec Home Inspectors is a family operated consulting firm specializing in residential inspections. Precision Nspec Home Inspectors senior inspector Paul Alexander, Jr. has been performing full time home inspections for over a decade. Currently, Precision Nspec Home Inspectors service Solano, Napa and East Contra Costa Counties and with thousands of clients serviced is considered a leader in residential property inspections.

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