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Realtor Chooses Home Inspector

Realtor Chooses A Home Inspector 

First time home buyers are both excited and stressed while going through the process of buying a new home, and  they largely rely on their Real Estate agent to help guide them through it. So it’s only natural when it comes time to choosing a home inspector that home buyer's look to their Real Estate agent for such recommendations. If the agent can choose the home inspector, then that is just one less thing a first time home buyer will have to be concerned with. Just let the Realtor schedule the home inspection and show up at the property when needed. Easy peasy! Right!

When Choosing A Home Inspector, A Realtor Must Check With Their Client

Real Estate agent's in general, do not know the first thing about properly choosing a home inspector. For instance, the very first question a Real Estate agent will often ask Precision Nspec Home Inspectors is how much do you charge?, and to first time home buyers that probably seems like a reasonable question to ask, and it is, but it is not so much the question, as it is the order in-which the question is asked.  Remember, I said this is the first question asked.  If the Real Estate agent does not feel the quote is low enough, the very next words are going to be, let me check with my client, knowing full well that they have the authority to schedule the inspection. "Let me check with my client" is Real Estate agent code for the home inspector’s fees are not low enough. After those code words are spoken, a Real Estate agent can’t get off the phone fast enough, as they want to continue calling other home inspectors until they find the one with a low or lowest fee.

Are There Any Questions Here Or Is It All About The Lowest Fee

Real Estate agents do not ask important questions like, why are your fees higher than what I am accustom to?, how long have you been inspecting?, does your inspection include the roof & chimney?, are you certified?, do you have insurance? etc. These are just a few basic questions that are hardly ever, if ever asked by a Real Estate agent when they are choosing a home inspector for a home buyer. When they find a home inspector with a low enough fee to their liking, then the inspection is booked on the spot.

Whats Wrong With Realtors Trying To Save Home Buyers Some Money

Do you really want your Real Estate agent saving you a couple hundred dollars on a home inspection, when your spending hundreds of thousands on a home. For that kind of investment don’t you want to know about the inspector who is going to provide you with information that will assist you with your home buying decision? Do you really want to choose a home inspector with the lowest fee, providing you with the information for one of life's most  substantial purchases?

One Price Does Not Fit All Home Inspectors

You are not hiring an electrician to install a few light receptacles, where if you just hire any qualified licensed electrician you will likely be satisfied with their work, in which case you may want to search for the lowest estimate, however in the state of California there is no licensing for home inspectors. Home Inspector's are unregulated, so the flood gates are wide open, as to what to expect when you hire a home inspector. Many Real Estate agents feel if they hire a certified home inspector they will get the job done and the process of closing the deal can continue. The problem is certification does not prove competence. So saving that couple of hundred dollars on a home inspection by hiring the inspector with a low fee could cost first time home buyers thousands, leaving the home buyer holding that extra two hundred dollars or so they saved on their home inspection. Booyah! You saved a couple hundred only to spend thousands.

First Time Home Buyers Find  Home Inspector

If first time home buyers want to find a quality home inspector for their new home, they are going to have to do their own homework, even if your Realtor has a home inspector that they use or a list of home inspectors, you should find out about that inspector or inspectors for yourself, so you know exactly what you are going to be getting when you are choosing a home inspector.