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Report Reveals Thorough Home Inspectors

by Paul Alexander

Home Inspectors & The Revealing Report

Choosing a thorough home inspector is crucial when purchasing a home, however there is another crucial element that is often overlooked when looking for thorough Home Inspection Services. It’s the home inspection report! Home buyers should make the same effort to find the right home inspector, as they did in Choosing the Right Home.

Does The Thorough Home Inspector Match The Home Inspection Report

Even the most stellar home inspectors can produce a not so stellar inspection report. The reason for this is inspectors are constantly looking for ways to shorten the time it takes to write an inspection report, as producing a detailed inspection report is very painstaking, especially when providing several pictures and diagrams within the report.

Often Realtors are relieved when they receive short, less detailed inspection reports, or better yet a soft report; as such reports can make a home more appealing to home buyers.

Choosing A Thorough Home Inspector & Finding The Proof!

All home inspectors will tell you how thorough they are, but where is the proof?

The proof is in the pudding! In this case, the pudding will be the home inspection report. This is particularly true here in California where there are no state standard forms for home inspection reports. In short home inspectors are able to format a report anyway they wish.

Questions for a Home Inspector

Ask home inspectors if you may see a sample home inspection report. Once you have compared a few home inspection reports, you should have a clear view of the different report styles and variations. Some have pictures, some do not, some have a little and  some have a lot, some are check list, and some are not, some are short and some are not, you get the idea.

Home Inspection Standards Of Practice

Although home inspectors follow a certain home inspection association’s standards of practice, these standards are only put in place so that the inspector will at least  follow the minimal guidelines. It is left up to each inspector to decide whether they will  inspect to the minimal standards or more than the minimal standards.  

Hire a Home Inspector

In conclusion: First Time Home Buyers should hire the most thorough home inspector they can find “Look For The Deal Killer”. Before choosing a home inspector be sure to ask to see a sample home inspection report,  so that you can taste the pudding, before you pay for it.

Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander is an Independent Home Inspector, and the senior inspector of Precision Nspec Home Inspectors. For over two decades Paul has been helping Northern California home buyers in Vallejo, Antioch, Benicia, Martinez, and beyond make informed purchase decisions. His attention to detail has earned this truly Independent Home Inspector a love hate relationship with Bay Area Real Estate professionals, as Realtors either love him, or not so much. No matter how Real Estate professionals may or may not feel about Paul, one thing is clear, he is beloved by home buyers throughout the Bay Area for telling it like it is, and providing exceptionally detailed non-biased home inspection reports.