Because you get more!

At Precision Nspec Home Inspectors we strive to provide each client with a professional, informational packed Home Inspection.

Our goal is not to perform as many inspections as we possibly can, but rather our goal is to provide you with a quality home inspection and report, with educated, competent, experienced, home consultants, so that you are able to make informed decisions concerning your perspective home.

Although we state that our average inspection time is approximately 4.5/hrs, the truth is, our inspections take as long as they take, to perform a painstaking home inspection and address  all of your questions and concerns at the time of your inspection.

You see, we only perform 1 or 2 inspections on any given day. This ensures that we will have all the time necessary to provide you with a diligent  inspection and have plenty of time left over for you, without feeling rushed to get to our next inspection.

Our inspection reports are full narrative type (typed/generated by computer), with optional pictures. These reports take at least as much time as the overall inspections and most often times much longer to complete, as many of our comments are custom written to fit each individual home.

The report pictures are as time consuming as the reports themselves, as we strive to provide quantity & quality pictures fully notated with arrows, circles etc, to highlight specific areas of concern.

Needless to say, we will not be handing you an inspection report on sight, in fact not even in a 24hr period in most cases. Quick turn around report times are mostly geared to please real estate agents and allow the inspection company to perform multiple inspections in a day. These quick turn around times do not suggest a very extensive report.

But its only a 1000 sqft!

Its a small home, it wont take you very long? Clients and Realtors alike often forget to take the attic and crawl space areas into account, when it comes to cost.

For example: a1,000 sqft. home in inspection square feet, is more like 3000 sqft.,  if you include attic and crawl space areas, not to mention the Sqft. of the roof area and other unaccounted for sqft areas, such as garage areas. (Caution, accessing attic spaces is not a home inspection requirement)

Trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT A CHEAP INSPECTION, no matter how appealing they might sound. In most cases, you are going to get what you pay for.

As with many other professions, the more experienced and knowledgeable the professional, the higher the fee. The level of care, knowledge, experience, diligence and detailed report writing, obviously affect the quality of a home inspection, all of which apply to every Precision Nspec home inspection. Cheap inspections are just that, cheap.

The bottom line

Yes, you may end up paying us more but, you will receive significantly more in return, in fact it’s guaranteed, so if you want more than just another home inspection, call us now, you will be glad you did.©


Paul Alexander Jr / CMI

Senior Inspector

Precision Nspec Home Consultants

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