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Top 10 Reasons to Use Us

Registered Independent Home Inspection Company - Not dependent on Realtor referrals to keep us in business, guaranteeing zero conflict of interest. When it comes to your inspection, we tell it like it is, regardless of how a realtor may feel about our findings. We are 1 of only 4 registered independent home inspectors of North America in the entire State of California who have take this oath.


Thorough Inspections - This statement is over used in the home inspection industry to where it means almost nothing. However, we will prove it by the amount of time taken at your inspection (4.5hr Avg. inspection, with no time spent imputing inspection items on a computer). Focused on quality inspections, not quantity of inspections. *Of course this adds time to our inspections

Experience & Knowledge - For over two decades Precision has been inspecting Bay Area homes full time. Experience, knowledge and inspection diligence has allowed us to accumulate a significant amount of information regarding the factors that affect a home's condition. This experience, knowledge and work ethic, allows us to bring forward more conditions than the average inspector. As any experienced home inspector will tell you, "the more you learn, the more you look, the more you’ll find."  

Certified Master Inspector - The Master Inspector is the industry's top professional designation. Certified Master inspectors are experienced, dedicated and have a proven record in the home inspection industry, and are amongst the best in world. Paul Alexander has been approved by the Master Inspector Certification Board to be a Certified Master Inspector. 


Narrative Inspection Reports - Computer generated, typed out explanations specific to your home, complete with photos. Not a generic checklist report with fill in photos of general areas of the home such as bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Our reports are laden with color photos of actual conditions.  Know what you are getting for your money. It takes several hours to take quality photos, and place them in your report alongside the related comments. *Of course this adds time to our inspections and report writing.

No or Limited Representative Sampling - Representative sampling is a minimum home inspection standard that states that home inspectors are not required to inspect every electrical outlet, light switch, door, and/or window.  Often times home inspectors follow these standards to shave time off of the inspection. Although in some cases we must follow such standards, we make an effort to inspect as many of these components as we can at the time of inspection. *Of course this adds time to our inspections.

First time buyer friendly - We take whatever time is necessary to patiently and thoroughly explain our observations, so that you gain a better understanding of what is being documented. *Of course this adds time to our inspections.

Walk On Roofs - Home inspectors are not required to walk-on roof areas. Often times home inspectors follow these minimum standards to shave time off of the inspection, especially when tile roofing is present. We perform walk on roof inspections whenever we can. How else are you going to inspect a roof ?  *Of course this adds time to our inspections. (**walk on roof inspections performed as long as we feel our equipment and the design of the home will allow us to safely access the roof areas)

Attic Access - Minimum home inspection standards state that home inspectors do not have to enter the attic areas, they may make observations from the attic opening while standing on a ladder. Often times home inspectors follow these standards to shave time off of the inspection. Although some inspectors may enter an attic area to inspect a furnace, they typically do not range farther than the small furnace platform will allow. In general, home inspectors will not enter an attic area if they can avoid it. We will make every effort to go into an attic area as far as reasonable access is provided and we are able to do so without risking injury and/or damage. *Of course this adds time to our inspections.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Still not convinced! We don’t like paying for services that were not happy with and we don’t expect you to pay for services you’re not happy with, that is why Precision Nspec Home Inspectors is so confident about the quality of our home inspection service that if you’re not satisfied at the end of your home inspection, we will refund our inspection fee upto $400.00! This just shows how committed we really are about providing you with an exceptional home inspection.

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